Air Survey 3D Printable Kit

Air Survey 3D Printable Kit




  • Philips-Head Screw Driver
  • Small Powered Drill
  • 3D Printer ( must be able to print 6 inches or larger)
  • Air Survey3 Developers Kit
  • DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone w remote


Download your parts

smooth enclosure

smooth box / air survey enclosure
smooth box

phantom solid legs

Phantom Drone 3D Legs
Phantom Drone 3D Legs

3D Print  your parts

This could take a while. The 3D case can take up to 4 hours to print, and the legs , an hour each depending on your thickness setting and material.

Do not ever hurry a 3d printing.

Remove Old Legs

Next remove the legs carefully from your DJI Phantom

Add New Printed Legs

Next mount your new 3D Leg at a time in the drone, with the same screws you used to take off the legs.

Assemble Kit

Next get your Air Survey3 Development kit out and follow kit assembly instructions . You will need the smooth case above.

Add Power Holes for dc power jack

Drill our any power adapter holes you need (in rear of case)

Attach smooth case to 3d printed legs.

Make sure your mounted 1 inch from the ground and  level.

Power and Go !

Plug in power to battery pax and enjoy . Turn on the power pack before turning on the Air Survey.  Always check fly zones and regulations before flying.

add air survey to your DJI Phantom with this 3D printable kit

VIDEOS (coming soon)