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Drone Pilot Classes Forming Now !

Drone like a pro and get your pilot’s license !

Drone Surveyor – Quick Start

Drone Surveyor Quickstart

How To Process Images

In this tutorial we’ll explore how to process an orthophoto from a set of aerial images!  To do that we’ll need to:

  • Authenticate (get login details from us !)
  • Create a Project. Projects are a way to group together related Task items
  • Upload some images to create a Task
  • Check for Task progress. Photogrammetry can take a long time, so results could take a few minutes to a few hours to be processed.
  • Download the resulting orthophoto.



Drone Surveyor

Fixes and Upgrades

  • Fixed shipping errors ,
  • Added bitcoin , credit cards and checks in checkout
  • Added events for meetups and shows
  • Added forums
  • Added Rewards Program
  • Removed Buddy System ( not used)
  • Removed UPSP modules (broke shipping)
  • Removed Super Cache (didn’t work)
  • Removed Chat ( bandwidth hog )

All beta modules will be reviewed for usage.


New WebSite !

Welcome to our new website. Hope you like this place as much as we do ! After fighting with the hosting company from HELL -**stgator , we pulled down the data and started rebuilding on our own servers , with a great domain provider who actually helps, win-win-win

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