Site Survey APPS

site survey apps


Apps for connecting to your WISP DRONE, and doing a site survey from your cell phone or tablet.

​All software comes with no warranty.   Free and Paid Versions

EASY UBNT LITE – FREE Android APP (or $8 pro version recommended)

Absolute must for wireless ISP providers running network on Ubiquiti Networks gear! EasyUbnt can connect to any device with AirOS 3/4/5 operating system (Nanostation, PowerStation, Nanobridge, Airgrid, Rocket, Bullet, Picostation, Powerbridge, ..) and setup them completely from your Android device. No need to take your laptop with you anymore.

Moreover it has some professional and unique features which are not in the AirOS web interface. You can try ubnt device discovery tool, online speedtest (shows instantaneous device speed), voice signal navigation, continuous site survey, encryption key database for your whole network and many other unique tools for wireless professionals!

This version was tested on AirOS 5.


airOS Mobile application is a tool for managing airMAX devices. It features status monitoring, offline firmware upgrades, antenna alignment and device installation using any Android smartphone.Communication with device is done solely through HTTP(S) and access to devices on these ports is required.
Application layout is optimized for smart phone screens but will work on tablets too.

Install using airGateway Installer is supported for AC series devices only (starting with airOS v7.2)


  • Easy device installation using airGateway Installer
  • Support for airOS v5.5.6 and up
  • Offline firmware upgrade from Android device
  • Configuration backup and sharing
  • Device discovery
  • Site Survey tool with result export to CSV
  • Antenna alignment tool with audio feedback

UMOBILE – free android app

The UMobile™ app is a convenient client application for installing Ubiquiti Networks® airMAX® devices. It features device discovery, site survey, airMAX AC device installation using the airGateway™ Pro Installer, provisioning with configuration templates, antenna alignment, configuration backup and sharing, and offline firmware upgrades.The UMobile app communicates with airMAX devices over HTTP(S), so the UMobile app requires access to the devices on these ports.

Minimum Firmware Requirements

  • airMAX AC devices: version 7.2.0 or higher
  • airMAX M devices: version 5.6.5 or higher
  • airGateway devices: version 1.1.7 or higher